In the best theatrical tradition…

It is said that a bad dress rehearsal can precede a wildly successful first night so tonight’s Opening Ceremony  at Havant Arts Centre ought to mean a great Festival ahead!

It was wonderful  to see a big crowd, with many of our honoured guest speakers and patrons present. Festival Director Lucy Flannery introduced Havant Mayor,  Councillor Jackie Branson and Caroline Lucas MEP who both gave us cracking opening speeches with lots of encouragement for new writers and the importance and significance of literature in all of our lives.

Competition winners were announced and prizes awarded and further speeches followed. Find out who won what on the competitions page.

Unfortunately many of these words were difficult to hear for those furthest from the stage due to the microphone being out of commission – this was really sad, and if anyone videoed the whole event with sound,  let us know and we will try and get it on the website.

Then came the grand finale – the fire alarm bells pealed out and we were all ushered out into the car park, the most astute still clutching their wine glasses.  It didn’t look like we were going to get back in any time soon so myself and my companions retreated to a nearby restaurant.

Lucy, don’t stress about this – it has taken many long hours of organisation to make this Festival happen. You have done a superb job and we will all see the results of your hard work in the coming days.

Break a leg.

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