Word on the Street!

A feast of free live entertainment in two locations in Havant Town Centre. The Meridian Centre has the lively, energetic stuff and the Gazebo Garden (in East Pallant car park) will host the quieter, more contemplative offerings.


Stop Press: In the event of continuous heavy rain, Word on the Street events scheduled for the Gazebo Garden will move to Nineveh, East Pallant on Saturday October 3rd. If only showers, take an umbrella, so will the performers!

Saturday, 3 October
Gazebo Garden or Nineveh

Write Angle

10.00  Poetry of A. E Housman – The Shropshire Lad

10.30  The Havant Mysteryes performed by John Scadding

11.00   Audi Maserati (a story)

11.20  John Haynes (poetry)and John Corin (harp)

12.00 Portsmouth Poetry Society’s
  – Denise Bennett
  – Pauline Hawkesworth
  – Doris Bealing
  – Connaire Kensit
  – Margaret Banks
  – Ros Griffiths.
13.00  Fake Aunts (singers)


13.30  Crime and Poetry (Anne Crow & Judith Worley)

14.00  John Hardcastle (classical guitar)

14.30  The House Band

15.00 Write Angle (poetry and music)



Saturday, 3 October
United Reform Church

11.30. Mike Knee and Lorna Silvester (music)
              and  Stella Mandella (performance poet) – café

12.15  YasSon Tastic (beatbox / rap) – main hall

12.30  HIADS Youth Theatre –  Church


All timings and artists subject to change


This is what you missed on Saturday, 26 September
Gazebo Garden

Maggie Harris

Maggie Harris

10.00 Poetry of Edward Thomas performed by Nicola Scadding 

10.30 Maggie Harris (poetry)

11.00 Anne Stewart (poetry)

11.20 Poetry on the theme of Water Anne Crow & Judith Worley 

12.00 Write Angle (poetry and music)

13.00 The Havant Mysteryes performed by John Scadding

13.30 Melanie Penycate (poetry)

14.00 Harry Haines (poetry) and Mark Veron (classical guitar)

14.30 Fake Aunts (singers)

15.00 Anna-May Laugher (poetry)

15.20 Wendy Klein (poetry)

15:40 Paul Valentine (poetry)

Saturday, 26 September
The Meridian Centre (by the escalator)

Audi Maserati

Audi Maserati

10.00 Helena Youle (accordionist)

10.30 Audi Maserati (performance poet)

11.00 The House Band (folk)

12.00 Stella Mandella (performance poet)

12.30 University of Chichester – New Theatre and Performance

13.30 A F Harrold (performance poet)

14.00 The House Band (folk) 

15.00 A F Harrold (performance poet)

 15.30 Jezz (music)